Sunday, January 28, 2007

:: my most depressing sight-seeing ever ::

this morning was the time that i followed oprah's journey in auschwitz.

it was about 7 hours ago since i started the tour there.

the heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures provided little comfort even though i was warm in the van that took slightly more than an hour's drive from my hotel.

we all know about nazis and the extermination of the jews in europe during world war two.

we learnt about it from the war documentaries, movies (think schindler's list") and book (read 'night' by elie wiesel) and much much more.

'but i realised then for the first time that there were not words to express that contempt,that destruction of human beings'.

yes, people - believe the hype.

i was so depressed after the tour that i didn't have much energy to do anything else, other than to write a short note on this and perhaps go to sleep.

on the very same spot where oprah stood for her specials on auschwitz, i stood there.

the heavy cold snow and gushing winds were uncanny, it made us remembered and we shall never forget that manking indeed, can be very very evil.

don't forget that please.

:: the only gallow in the camp, with thousands that were killed, the nazis felt it was better to gas them to death . ironically, the camp commander was hanged here after the war, his villa next to the camp was just about 200 metres away ::

:: electric fences, it was so cold even with the warm winter clothing. i imagine, on the same condition as i was there, what happened to the children who were asked to stand on the same spot - as punishment for bad behaviour...::

:: this was the exact spot where Oprah was in the picture from her website above ::

:: the german words on the entrance of auschwitz which meant "work brings freedom", if only it was true - and no, i did not smile at all. how could i? ::

there were too many other photos, but looking at them has made me decided not to post them. you got to see that for yourselves - it was not just about the pictures and book.

you must be there to feel the presence of pain and torture and it was a feeling that i hope just remained as that.

something i would never have to go through.