Saturday, March 18, 2006

:: it's my, big deal, no?::

It's my birthday , and the darn Tube must do some engineering work on this auspicious day (well, at least for me)....hehe

Actually, I don't do birthdays anymore...why so, when everyday can be a party and happy.

But I do hope that I will not end up having Chinese all-you-eat-buffet at Mr Wu...eating crap food that most of us (at least those from Singapore though) would not even want to consider something to eat on one's birthday....Not upmarket enough...typically snortty us Singaporeans, yes?

So, another year older and perhaps its really time to consider getting more wrinkles.

Cheers, XXX


lancerlord said...

Happy bird-day. :)

Mr Wu so nice sponsor you Jiu Cheng on your birthday. kekeke...

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, wak....:P


Ms J said...

hey baby...i didnt know it was ur birthday..gosh! now, you know i am a disappointed lass because we never did go out to paint the town red in KL. had always fancied downing a tequila slammer with you. ah.. it will have to be london next then ey.

*hugs to keep u warm!

QuaLee` said...

Hey bro!!!! *hugs!!! Happy belated birthday to didnt know it was ur bday 2 mths ago...i feel so bad :p now i i wont forget ur coming birthdaysss...mark my word muahahahha... going to Madonna concert arent u? lucky you... i just curious to check ur blog if there is any updates..hehe glad you're back :) miss you bro... you're so far away..*sob sob
have a good life! :)