Friday, September 09, 2005

:: dating the hague ::

sorry for the long overdue post, i have been taking things the dutch way and i must say that i have changed quite a bit :D

i am taking things slow right now, no more weekend plans to paris, london or amsterdam...but i think i love it best when i am just enjoying the city that i am right now, that is, the hague.

i'm getting in love with this city, everyday means more new people to know and new experiences to discover. whatever stereotypes and prejudices that i have towards the dutch have disappeared.

now, i am even thinking of finding longer term projects so that i could stay here longer.

2 nights ago, i was watching the world-cup qualifier soccer - rooting for holland of course. since it was just at a cafe just opposite my hotel (yeah, i've more opposite the nudist beach anymore)... it was fun...considering that i have known about 50 new people...people that i have no association at all from work.

i am cycling to work (no more trams for me), went to friend's birthday party, getting invites to people's home...friendships are very warm here, something which i have missed much in asia. we do not hug and kiss enough, i think..but then again, we are after all..easterners.

this is fun, its getting ever more fun everyday. sadly, i do not miss singapore that much now...except for my loved ones back home...including my cat.

where shall i end?...i can't see to be enjoying this life when i am eventually posted to kuala lumpur to work...once this beautiful dream has ended.


:: indian summer at the hague ::


SooHK said...

Sill sitting here envy you....

lancerlord said...

Agree. We do not hug enough. People there are friendlier. Different culture.

Miss Mumble said...

amboi,amboi...raya nampak..??!:D

i know that feeling...
i hate it when all good things have to end..

takperlah..besok lusa awak balik, awak pelok lah owang yg awak sayang tu lebih²...:P

Anonymous said...

hi all

yup, we should hug more, especially the ones that are close to our hearts. I had a really strong urge to hug my dad before he was wheeled into the A&E, but I didn't....never did get a chance after that.

hug more ! spread the love around !


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