Thursday, August 25, 2005

:Coolest Real Job Description::

I came across this...which I think is the kind of firm that I want to be a part of...
This is a real post, you can apply if you so wish to...good luck ;)

Company name: StrawberryFrog B.V.

Company Description:
StrawberryFrog is a dynamic full-service advertising agency, catering to global brands. We're small, we're fun, and we do great work for awesome clients. Come join the frogs and the revolution.

Job Category:IT

Job Title:Cool IT Geek

Job Description:

  • support 50 frogs and their beloved Macs in our Amsterdam office, but it
    wouldn't be PC to neglect our finance frogs with their PC's
  • rescue frogs who, although renowned for their great intelligence, sometimes
    can't make the printer work or turn off auto spell, please help
  • set up a projector at 8:00 in the morning for an important client
    presentation, but don't worry there's coffee and we'll be extra nice to you
  • set up a wiki site in the afternoon and a font server in the evening
  • research the goods and the bads of Ethernet over leased lines
  • be a Mac zealot, but not an MS basher
  • help the Amsterdam Art Director find his lost power cord for the umpteenth
    time (we know Jon took it…)
  • help the New York Account Executive use VPN for the first time (yes, she's a
  • be small, be big
  • know the pro's and con's of a Proxy Server
  • believe that 5 years from now e-mail is dead, and collaboration is the next
    big thing
  • dot all the i's, cross all the t's
  • be the webmaster
  • manage the wires so we can be wireless
  • be able to argue why Oracle is a way better RDBMS than MySQL
  • know how to find answers to any problem on internet fora
  • be a 2-frog team together with our IT Director, be a 1-frog team when he's
  • help with lots of miscellaneous things that have nothing to do with your


Sound like fun and a challenge? If you have strong IT skills with 3-5 years of IT and support experience (preferably in an international environment), a good sense of humor, and non-IT people can understand you when you talk about computers, please get in touch with us.

Applicants must already be in possession of valid work permit for the EU/Netherlands.

Please send intro letter and CV in English by the 24th of August to:

Salary Indication:t.b.d.
Country:Netherlands - Amsterdam
Agency name:StrawberryFrog B.V.
Description of the agencyCheck us out at:

Deadline:Wednesday, August 24, 2005
Contact name:Sonja Beentjes
Contact phone:+31 (0)20 5300421

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i tink i missed the deadline. 8B