Monday, September 15, 2008

:: post 8/8/8 and olympic game withdrawal ::

yes, i am still alive...

so, it has already been a month since 8-8-8 and the Olympics games have come and go.

like millions of the earth's inhabitants, i tuned-in for the olympics opening ceremony in beijing, china - after running away from the office, hop on the bicycle and reached home in about 8 minutes flat.

like many, i have followed the live games on television (while working from home) on most days, and again the recaps at night on BBC or Eurosport channels.

like some, i didn't really bothered much about singapore's athletes' progress during the game. and not surprisingly, i didn't have much pride with the fact that "we" have won two bronzes about 48 years!

i can't even be bothered to 'bitch' about the dragging of our national flag during during the games opening and how there was not even a mention of singapore when the 'made-in-china' girl won the bronze in ping-pong and the aftermath drama about the sacking of the coach.

oh yeah, august was also the month of singapore's national day. and somehow, my patriotism to this date has diminished a lot since i 'moved' here some 3 years ago, as evident from my 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 entries.

there was no national day last month.

the point is perhaps, not reading a lot of local news, tv and other media and other self-promoting propaganda back home...i have beginning to loose steam of being pro-SG.

don't get me wrong...i love singapore and will defend it at any costs in time of war, after all, i served a large chunk of my adult life with the national service, remember?

it's just that i don't "feel" really that "every Singaporean matters" anymore.

being away on my own in liberal europe for the past 3 years has given me a fresh pair of eyes perhaps, and i'm getting a bit too uncomfortable with the truths in what i've known for sure.

damn those E!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

:: i still could not resist... ::

...not drugs, sex and rock and roll! but limited-edition LVs like this one.

what's so special about it?
- it's called "Monogramouflage" which is the result of collaboration between Louis Vuitton Artistic Director Marc Jacobs and Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, and was inspired by one of Murakami's major works, "Magic Ball."
- as usual, it's not available in LV Amsterdam by the time i called them up - the dutch could not be bothered with such stupidity like these :)
- luckily a colleague went to paris for the weekend and was able to (hesitantly) make a detour to LV store to get one for me .

i almost waiting to buy the iPhone cover as well, but was informed that it might not be the perfect fit for the iPhone 3G and it appears bulky too.

it looks like this will end up like my other purchase(s), unopened, in the box, and storing dusts.


:: we know ::

an acquittance of mine, few weeks ago..maybe months, told us that he has met chris martin of coldplay at the central station of the hague - and had taken a photo with him and showed it to us.

we wondered why of all places he would be here....but today, we know the reason.

while watching this cool music video - i don't realised how beautiful this city is , until you see it from another person's perspective....however boring this place is for me socially, i still think it's a very very beautiful city. and maybe i was a lord in my past life with a huge parcel of land here... :)

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

:: my summer 2008 ::

i think it's about time that my summer dance parties were over - especially when some english tourist came onto you at the dance floor and asked whether if i know any dealer who sold "K", and then, gave you a deep french kiss even when you replied you had no idea what it was all about.

time and place : paradiso amsterdam, 3/4 august around 2 am.

from club fuse in brussels, belgium or paradiso in amsterdam - i think i have danced a little bit too hard in quite a short space of time between them, just 2 weeks. its funny how many people that i have become acquaintance with by just being in those two clubs/events - the party circuit folks, whose idea of a good time is simply being in a hot club, topless, drink lots of water, no alcohol, eyes completely wide, full of energy and very touchy/feely/happy ambience and mood.

i still have some soreness on my neck and muscles from all those dancing, and to add to that, i fall from a stairs at an after-party club (whose location i shall not reveal, due to my embarassment :P)

i have been partying since 9 pm on a sunday until 10 am on monday morning, and i think i have lots 2 inches from my waistline easily, because the tight little skinny jeans (size 28 inch) has suddenly became rather loose....too much sweat i presume?

anyhow, if there is such thing as my personal summer anthem for 2008, i have to say its this play below and dance with me...shall we or shall we not?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

:: you'll never know where you will end up to... ::

while going through a totally random blog-hopping, i discover this poor guy's singapore ID shown in some jewish blog ....

i guess there were making fun of his name....Batman!

be careful of scanning your IDs, y'all, you might even know where it might end up...especially if you have an ID photo that only a parent will love :-)


Wednesday, July 09, 2008

:: opps, i did e again::

the 'neighbour' and i decided to spend last saturday night at his place - getting stoned, acting silly (and naughty) and watching some movies.

he decided to watch 'requiem for a dream' as a last go before we get too pissed and blacked out...

a HUGE mistake....well, i'm not sure if it was the bad choice or maybe the perfect choice.

the story was dark and bleak - the soundtrack, though is terribly superb if you are stoned (i meant, not fully alert because it was already 3 am in the morning :-P)
after the movie ended, i made him promised that we will NEVER EVER ended up as drug abusers*, and that we will take care of our health and body, and we will live well and good into the golden years without much health problems and die peacefully...

click on the youtube clip below to see and hear the movie/soundtrack. imagine that you are high and'll get my drift, x!

* i only meant HARD drugs, soft drugs like coffee, cigarettes do not count :-P

:: compare and contrast ::

:: holland beat france - qualified for 2nd round, euro cup 2008 - 8 june, the hague ::

:: holland lost to russia in quarter final, euro cup 2008, 22 june, radisson grafton hotel, london ::

From Blog

time flies! and so have i.....

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

:: a wake up call ::

ever since my return from the rome holidays, i have to say that i have been very busy meeting new social acquaintances from all over holland (and more). i have been attending dinner parties, drink parties, clubbing, playing chess, watching football, getting high and stoned, etc etc...

i don't know what has got over me - perhaps it comes at the time that i am feeling all FABULOUS with myself, that the realisation that there is nothing to be insecure about and that my self-confidence is finally there.

last weekend, SJ has gracefully invited me to a grand birthday party in amsterdam. the party itself was wonderful and well-organised, despite i know only very few guests there. but as the night progresses, conversations become easier with strangers-turned-acquaintances/friends and perhaps i became too reckless after that as a result - to cut the story short, i became less alert and awake.....and i lost my bag containing my iPod, Prada shades, sweater, house keys, bicycle keys and most importantly, the bag itself! it was a gift from a close friend from japan, about 7 years ago. i know that porsche design does not make that bag anymore, but it was special to me because it was a bag that had seen the world with me and a dependable bag too. it was my recklessness to get a mint from the bag (because i wanted to kiss everyone goodbye) that i just casually put it on a chair and went to say goodbye at the bar and, only to be distracted (or perhaps seduced) to a lounge upstairs for a special 'goodnight'. with my keys gone and sweater-less, i had to stay in amsterdam and wait until the next morning before i could get the spare key from my friend in the hague.

i believe that this little incident is a reminder for me. it's life way of telling me to perhaps slow down, and look around. i admit that i have been reckless with new acquaintances and didn't devote much time for myself. i am not as fit as before, since i have stopped going to the gym regularly, always not at home on weekends and didn't stop and smell the roses! it's time to stop, listen to my breathing, relax and pamper myself silly, just for me and by me!

i'm going to do that this weekend as i will be off to london. instead of the usual london shopping and sights, i guess i will spend quality time for some 'old friends' who are living there now as i have always been avoiding that and instead rather spending time by myself at bars and clubs.

it's time to wake up, or i'll be dead...x